Name: John Ferrell
Nickname: The Joker
Date of Birth: 28 February 1961
Place of Birth: Lewisham
Now Lives: In Strood, Kent, with partner and Manager, Rachael.
Height: 5' 9"
Type of Dart Used: 21 gm Nickel Tungsten (always plays with red flights).
1994 British Open Winner 
1997 Chicago Winner
1998 Boston-semi-finalist
1999 World Champion Quarter finalist
  Windy City Open Pairs Finalist
2000 Embassy Gold Cup Semi-Finalist
2001 British Pentathlon (13th)
  World Masters - Qualifier
2002 Fintona - Northern Ireland Open Semi-Finalist
  Las Vegas Cricket Singles - Champion
  Eastbourne Open - Winner
Hobbies: Darts, snooker, family life and his pet dogs (John has two dogs - one called 'Dart').