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Full schedule of play for this year's Stan James World Matchplay Darts Championship from 28th July - 3rd August at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

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Sunday, 28th July:

Game  Time


01        7.00pm Dennis Smith v Steve Brown               


02        8.15pm Kevin Painter v Priestley                                  


03        9.30pm Phil Taylor v Shayne Burgess                               


Monday, 29th July:


04        1.00pm Ronnie Baxter v Holden                             


05        2.00pm Denis Ovens v Whitworth                               


06        3.00pm Jamie Harvey v Andy Jenkins               


07        4.00pm John Lowe v Alex Roy                                 




08        7.00pm Richie Burnett v Chris Mason                


09        8.00pm Alan Warriner v Les Fitton                             


10        9.00pm Rod Harrington v Keith Deller              


11        10.00pm Peter Manley v Bob Anderson                   

Tuesday, 30th July:1886110.jpg (24800 bytes)

Colin Lloyd

12        1.00pm Colin Lloyd v Mick Manning                         


13        2.00pm D Askew v Peter Evison                                        


14        3.00pm John Part v Walsh                                          


15        4.00pm Steve Beaton v Cliff Lazarenko                        




16        7.00pm  Scholten v Paul Williams                                  


17        8.00pm Taylor v Painter                                          


18        9.30pm Mason v Brown             


Wednesday, 31st July:2439892.jpg (16622 bytes)

Alan Warriner

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Second Round Matches:

1.00pm - Ronnie Baxter v Jamie Harvey

2.30pm - Denis Ovens v John Lowe

4.00pm - Colin Lloyd v Roland Scholten


Summary of Afternoon Games


7.00pm - Alan Warriner v Keith Deller

8.30pm - Bob Anderson v Dave Askew

10.00pm - John Part v Cliff Lazarenko

Thursday, 1st August (Quarter-Finals):  

ronnie_baxter_20.jpg (14424 bytes)

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1.00pm: Keith Deller v Colin Lloyd

3.00pm:  Bob Anderson v John Part

7.00pm: Phil Taylor v Chris Mason

9.00pm: Ronnie Baxter v John Lowe

Friday, 2nd August (Semi-final) : 7.00 pm and 9.00 pm according to draw

Colin Lloyd -v- John Part

Phil Taylor -v- John Lowe

Saturday, 3rd August (Final):

Phil Taylor -v- John Part

Playing format:-



1st Round = Best of 19 legs


2nd Round = Best of 25 legs


Quarter-Finals = Best of 31 legs


Semi-Finals = Best of 33 legs


Finals = Best of 35 legs


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